Aros Crystos

Aros Crystos has been on the spiritual path most of his life. His life purpose is to awaken people to the understanding that we are all one divine consciousness and to help them rediscover their true nature as divine multi-dimensional beings. He's a prolific writer and artist, and uses his beautiful voice to generate healing sounds and provide activations to higher levels of consciousness. Many people have sought out and benefited from his unique and powerful gifts and his work as a life coach and spiritual mentor.

Aros is an Ambassador from the realm of the dolphins, having spent years interacting with dolphins and whales in the open ocean in Hawai'i. Through these interactions, his multi-dimensional soul began to speak to him receiving messages that were both profound, beautiful and transformative.

Aros is committed to sharing from his galactic heritage to help people achieve a correct understanding of who they are and what they are truly capable of. 




Galactic Mentor and Guide
Live your life from a higher vibration

​Aros Crystos can help you to:

  • Move beyond your current story line

  • Identify how the language you use limits your possibilities

  • Live more consciously

  • Break habitual patterns, concepts, and ideas and live your full potential

  • Create a life out of unconditional love and unlimited possibilities

  • Become aware of your own divinity (TBD)

"I will be sharing about breath and posture and how to release any tension in the body through understanding movement combined with breath.


We will explore taking responsibility for the commitment to know our own divine self and how we change the outcome of any situation by changing the vocabulary inside.

We will also talk about how to maintain a healthy and vibrant body and even how to rejuvenate by understanding the deeper secrets of the mind and how to change our lives from trying to choosing and being.


You are not alone I am committed to you on this path of self empowerment and lasting transformation."

Aros Crystos

Intuitive Readings

If you have questions that you need answers to, consider an Intuitive Reading with Aros.

Upcoming Events

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  • Galactic Tuning (Saturdays at 3 PM via Zoom)

  • Tour Dates (TBD)