Aros Crystos Art

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All of these paintings were painted by Aros Crystos from the summer of 2017 to the summer 2018.
Size 36"×26" painted in organic spray paint and tubes. Crystos was going through a very emotional period of change. He was looking for some way to find meaning in his work as a fashion designer and life coach, and for a more profound way of sharing the adventure of his soul. He started out in the same way he designed his clothes - with a piece of fabric - and then let the paint show him a vision. These paintings are unique in so many ways, not just in the techniques used, but also in the nature of the raw creative energy they embody.

Larger Paintings

The last 3 paintings are a little bit bigger about 3×4 feet. Otherwise born from Crystos restlessness.


Aros' reason to start painting on Surf Boards was a natural continuation of his lifelong love affair with the ocean and it's creatures. After all he has been known as the Dolphin Man for many years.