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Adventures in Consciouness Companion CD!

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Embracing Aloha

GREAT SUMMER READ! Hawaii. Where earth is newborn each day. Where the Spirit of Aloha thrives and the 'mana'- life force must be guarded. Guarded by the Kahunas. In Embracing Aloha, a ruthless politician steals a deed to sacred land, ignores the ancient prophecies and sets into motion the wrath of the island Gods that galvanizes five young adults as they race against greed and ecological destruction. Can the power of 'Aloha' maintain the sacred balance of the planet? Read Embracing Aloha for an exciting Hawaiian adventure with radical surfer Akahai, waitress Olu’Olu, hula dancer Ha’aha’a, farmer Lokahi, and coach Ahonui. Aros Crystos' novel Embracing Aloha honors the ancient wisdom of the indigenous Hawaiian people and the true meaning of "Aloha." As the characters' confront the issues of protecting indigenous culture, ecological destruction, and unbridled greed, the reader feels the mysterious beauty of life and the interconnection of all beings that is the spirit of Aloha.


Time Is Promised

To No One

Time is Promised to No One is a timeless tale where we find Charles, our young hero, embarking upon a multi-dimensional adventure after being told at a routine checkup that he has only a few months to live. From that moment on, his life and his shortage of time unfolds as a great mystery as he is thrown into a whirlwind of unexpected situations, and a secret society that is manipulating and controlling the human race, and has access to a technology that could easily set back spiritual evolution thousands of years. In his meeting with the enchanting and very beautiful Alexandra, we are led into the deep waters of sensual and sacred love. Why does she trigger ancient memories he cannot explain?


Conductor of Time

Is it sunset for humanity, or a new dawn? Can a small team, with support and guidance from a galactic organization known as the Federation of Light Beings, take down the Elite, who have enslaved humanity – economically, mentally, and spiritually? If they succeed, humanity will be freed from false beliefs that have held them back, will enjoy global peace and abundance, and will join the galactic community as a new star nation. If they fail, the Elite will play their final cards and humanity will face millennia of darkness. Conductor of Time is the sequel to Time Is Promised to No One, where the amazing truth behind many of the mysteries introduced in the first book is finally revealed!