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Galactic Tuning Through Sonic Codes Activation

Every Saturday from 3 pm to 5 pm Eastern.

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Through sonic codes, galactic tuning aligns your body and consciousness to maintain and hold higher vibratory frequencies. Aros Crystos is the only one in the world providing this special service to help you make progress in raising your vibration and opening your intuitive senses. It will help you to operate from your heart instead of your head.

This unique process, done with his voice, but also embodying unique energies, came to Aros after many years of working with the dolphins. It's a frequency upgrade!

For now, this incredible service is free. Please honor this gift with a gift to Aros to help him continue his travels and his work to spread galactic knowledge and wisdom. 


The magical innocence and incredibly pure energy that is emitted by your cosmic heartfelt tunings, Aros, guided and channeled by the dolphin spirited sonic light codes just uplift my Soul! I have no words to describe the blessings that I feel multiplying from our source being within...spreading into the world with waves of divine love and unity! Ahhhh, for me it’s the only way forward in this existence; to finally wake up fully to the multidimensional beings that we all are and can choose to be! I am simply so grateful and very humbled to experience this blissful sharing, as not only my physical body temple is receiving an upgrade (like a full update and ‘MOT’ of my earthly being - haha!)...but also to connect with all and recognise how beautiful and powerful we all are, including all life and Mother Nature!! Finally we can start living the true essence of who we came here to be by activating the JOY we truly are~ Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU DEAR AROS! AnnA Carleo (aka *Soul Arc*) XOXOX

My Testimonal :


Last night's Zoom meeting was a first for me on many levels. New to Zoom and New to Aros and Galactic Tuning.


About 12 years ago while practicing yoga asanas,  something unusual happened where I felt a power, a heat, an energy course up from the bottom of my spine to the top of my head and beyond. Ten million light bulbs took over my head, where at first I thought my head would explode, so frightening. However, I decided to relax and go with this unusual feeling in an effort to try to understand. I am not sure I have the full meaning of this experience to date.


Last night during the Zoom meeting and the sound vibrations you created was the first time I felt the same energy on the top of my head. Not as intensely as the original experience, but still the feeling of my head opening with energy.


So I look forward to our next meeting to explore this experience once more and see where this adventure leads. 


Sincerely Yours


My Galactic Tuning experience with my teacher Aros Crystos


I was introduced to Aros by my teacher, whom I worked for while at the Indian residence in the North Dakota. My teacher's name is Chief Golden light Eagle.


Aros, who knows many ancient languages, showed a method of treatment, in the modern world it is usually called Sound therapy. But in fact, this is a method in which Aros created himself, with the help of dolphin sound vibrations in an altered state of consciousness, 

During  Aros sound treatment session the audience is going to be opened up (kind off) with a display of vibrations that were not previously familiar, or rather were forgotten by our consciousness. This method is used by biologists to restore memory matrix of DNA.

The more of highest  vibrations our consciousness can absorb, the clearer the dolphin language will become for us. After all, the voice of ancestors can wake up in each of us.


So, exactly 10 years ago, Aros created a file in my biological computer that was constantly backed up by information (via the bio-Internet or telepathic field)

Now I just need to think about it and Aros will immediately get in touch no matter where on the planet he is.

From that moment I am going through the training program at  the school , I call this at the “Star dolphinarium” Now, like Aros, I can activate the vibrations of my ancestors - dolphins. It is difficult to pass this experience and explain why it is necessary for us, ordinary people, because in the modern world there are no professions such as a sound sculptors.


But I am a student of Aros. Aros is one of the Avatars, who revealed and preserved in his DNA the language of ancestors, language of the light. Now we all have the opportunity to become sculptors of new vibrations, of course they always lived in us but we did not suspect that this was the part in us , Very important part , which  would bring Peace, health and Happiness to planet Earth. Finally, our consciousness going to be expand to the consciousness of galaxies, we are all going to be free!

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