Rates: Mentoring

  • Introductory Interview    One 10 minute session      FREE

  • Single Session                  One 60 minute session​     $150

  • Three Session Package Three 60 minute sessions​ $450

  • Six Session Package       Six 60 minute sessions​     $900


We find that people achieve the best results when they sign up for multiple sessions and pay in advance. This provides motivation for continuing with the program, and also a better overall rate for the program. We recommend signing up for six sessions, to be scheduled one session per week. Other options are provided to allow people to explore whether engaging Aros Crystos as their Galactic Mentor and Guide is right for them, and to meet short-term budget constraints.


Please contact us to arrange payment and schedule your sessions.

Please contact us about rates for packages of more than six sessions.

Please contact us about group sessions or in-person seminars.


Only one free introductory interview per customer.

Our preferred method for conducting sessions is Zoom video conferencing. There is no cost to you for using Zoom.

Click here for more information about Zoom.

Rates: Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings are one hour and cost $75. Contact Aros to schedule your reading.