• I had three sessions with Aros. Two were sonic code activation, and the energy flow that I could feel and the imagery that came to mind were both quite amazing. I got the distinct impression that Aros carries Kahuna energy along with dolphin energy. The third session was a discussion/mentoring session which included a deep meditation. At the end of that meditation, my right hip, which is arthritic and had been quite painful, was pain free. I didn't even notice until Aros pointed out that I was not limping like I had been. It was, in fact, what we had been hoping to achieve, and I am deeply grateful.
    Jeff Becker, December 2019

  • My dear Aros, thank you for the guidance you have given me along this journey of my life. You were the one to remind me and show me what unconditional love is all about.I have experienced such loving and pleasant transformation throughout my mind & body since our paths have crossed,for which my soul is ever grateful. Thank you for the love that illuminates from your being and from the work you are here to do on our beautiful planet. I appreciate you. May our Great Mother bless you always. Now then...let's get ready to rock n' roll. Rock on, Rock Star!
    Jeanette Perez

  • I had three sessions with Aros and they have been life changing for the better. I am so blessed to have received this Gift.
    Sandy Tackett

  • You have dramatically lifted me up into higher vibrations. I see more clearly, my intentions are refined for the greater good, and I continue my journey for oneness to manifest joy.
    Etfri Gunther

  • Dearest Aros, All of us here on earth are so very blessed for having you in our lives. I thank you for all of the great work that you have done and that you will do. You are a true master who has handed me the keys to my own heart. 
    Melody Kulesza

  • Aros was my helpful guide in releasing cellular, genetic, ancestral, and karmic patterns. Blessings to you and to the dolphin and their messages to us. May your path lead to deep inner joy and recognition for the love you carry.
    Mela Marguarrie

  • Aros is a master architect of our deep inner space. As a gentle compassionate escort, in the quiet of the dolphin meditation, he reminds us that we are potent, loving, contributing beings and that each of us is 100% the source of our reality. 
    Zae Zatoon Ph.D


  • Dear Aros, I have trusted you, and you nurtured me. Thank you, Aros. You are both gentle and kind, and especially intuitive. You have a way of healing that most doctors can aspire to. Keep up the good work. 
    Dr. Margaret Gnu, Australia

  • Aros is an extraordinary being! It has been such a pleasure to witness and personally experience his light. Aros' mantric voice has affected me on such a profound level and his voice as an author is so poignant and soulful.
    Kimberly Estrada 


  • Aros is an extraordinary healer.  Of all the healers I have worked with, Aros has the cleanest, most profound ability to relate to energy in a way that serves the client’s deepest needs.  
    Dr. Helena Heart Raven, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hawaii 

  • A transcendental spiritual cloud that lifts you beyond life when the sounds meet with the light going through dimensions and time. 
    Jollie Harris, III, The International Food Prophet


  • I felt a wonderful and very physical emotional experience when i went through the atunement. I was floating and my arms felt as though they were drawn together, and afterwards I had a peaceful state of mind and i am very excited to see how i feel tomorrow. Thank you so much. 
    Elisa Cutler


  • Es fehlen mir die worte fur diese Umhullung von sauftem Licht, dem leichten Schweben uver dem Erdboden.Das Erlebnis ohne Zeit und Raum zu schweben bleibt undvergeslich.
    Franz Peter, Germany


  • My own experience with Aros and the dolphins was absolutely incredible!!! Throughout the session, I was enfolded in such unconditional love and acceptance. Aros is a delightful instrument of the dolphin messages.
    Sandy Haugh, San Francisco

  • Aros you are truly an inspiration and out there doing amazing work with so much kindness and love. Your book "Time Is Promised To No One" is full of powerful insights and a very fun read. Looking forward to spending time with you again. Let me know when you come this way. Hugs to you and Elico. Peace within,
    Dawn Pliche


  • Thank you Aros, for your amazing voice and for being the vehicle for such amazing, expansive work to come through! The Activations have truly helped me remember my true self, and the CD sets the space for even ore remembering. The CD is in itself an amazing tool. I do not really have words to describe the music-chanting-prayers, except for that it brings me out of the confines of my mind! There are no labels for the sensory experience that becomes extrasensory which leads to no-sense at all! Thank you again! In Oneness, Malea Deeva aka.
    Eileen Mary, The Light Coach


  • Aros' lecture was a wonder-full and uplifting experience...have beautiful love filled days and keep spreading the positive vibes.
    Christian Grigoriakis

  • It's wonderful to see so much happening with Aros and the talks and activations! I know just from his time at Rainbow Doorways he 'awakened' and touched many people...I can only imagine the seeds he is planting for the surrounding area and the world! Aros has inspired many people in so many different ways...to activate their life's purpose, to look deeper inside to the spiritual self, to put more time and energy into their own work whether personally or for the public. I thank you both for coming to us and hope that you enjoyed your experiences at Rainbow Doorways.
    Meghan Brennan